We give you your weekend back!


Get your weekend back!

Instead of mowing, wouldn't you rather be playing golf? Fishing? Spending time with your family?  Lockaby's Lawncare is the key to reclaiming your weekend!  

What Our Customers Say:

Dear Matt,

I guess I had forgotten what it was like to have a real weekend. I love our big yard, but keeping it mowed and edged has been impossible with mine and my wife's work schedules.  I am so excited when I come home from work on Fridays to a lush, trimmed lawn. And knowing I can spend the weekend with my wife and kids instead of laboring over the lawn is the greatest feeling!

Thank you so much for your service!

Myles Pennington


Regular Lawn Maintenance

You've worked hard all week... let us give you your weekend back!

Tree Services

We do more than just regular lawn maintenance. Some of our tree services include:

Shrub Trimming

Are your hedges and bushes out of control? Let us get a handle on that for you!


The focal point of many yards is the flowerbed. But they can be a chore to keep up. Here are some things we can do to help...

Borders & Edging

It the details that make a yard. But keeping your borders and edging clean can be a real chore. Here's what we can do to help...

Yards & Grass

Beyond maintenance, we can give your yard a makeover and help your grass get back to its former glory. Just look at what we can do...


Behind every nice lawn is a good irrigation system. Let us show you how we can help...

Landscape Lighting

Make it special even at night with our landscape lighting.