Our well-maintained (sharp and balanced) blades cuts grass cleanly and evenly.

Adjust your cutting height to the time of year


For cool-climate grasses, we'll use a 1-1/2 in. cutting height for the first mowing of the year to remove dead grass and allow more sunlight to reach the crowns of the grass plants. Then we'll raise the blade during the heat of summer to 2 or more inches. Then we'll lower the blade back to 1-1/2 in. for the last cutting of the year. For some warmer-climate grasses, these heights will be about 1/2 in. lower.

When adjusting our blade height, we measure from a hard surface to the bottom of the mower deck, then add 1/4 in. (most blades sit 1/4 in. above the bottom of the deck).

We cut your grass using our well-maintained sharp blade (illustration below). A dull one tears grass rather than cutting it cleanly. Damaged grass turns yellow, requires more water and 

nutrients to recover, and is more susceptible to disease. We sharpen and balance our blades on a regular basis to maintain a good cutting edge.